Thursday, July 28, 2011

The GREATEST transformation of them all...

Once again I'm keeping the road hot and traveling to one of my very favorite places: the mountains of Virginia.  My parents grew up in this area and now plan to retire here in the (we hope) near future.  I remember visiting relatives when I was little and being bored out of my mind with no television, no phone, and no modern conveniences of life.  (We did have indoor plumbing, but that's about it!)  Today it is not as remote as it once was (hence the reason I'm able to write this blog), but it is still a place of pure peace.  To show you what I mean, take a look:

One of the GREATEST transformations of all time (in my opinion) was the transformation of the home that my grandparents built in the 70s.  This is the same home that my parents now call their "home away from home." 

We used it as more of a "camp" when I was growing up because we were only up here a couple times a year.  By the time my parents decided to take the plunge and officially retire here, the house was basically falling down.  They had to take care of some MAJOR repairs before they could make it their permanent home. 

This was the extent of my help with the remodeling project:

Now it is the most beautiful place on the planet!  I love visiting (did I mention that there are wonderful thrift stores nearby?!?!) and I cannot wait for my parents to enjoy living here permanently for a very long time.

Now it's time for Mom and me to leave this beautiful home and hit some of those great thrift stores that I mentioned.  I'll keep you posted with some of our fabulous finds!

Happy Junkin'!



  1. ::singing:: "Almost Heaven, West Virgina...."

    Very nice, thanks for sharing :)

  2. I'm so jealous! Tell me if you find anything great in Grandma's basement - I'll fight you for it!

  3. Oh my goodness.The house looks AMAZING! So peaceful and beautiful. What a wonderful job you all have done with it! So glad you're enjoying your summer dumping and discovering such wonders! <3

  4. Hi guys! I would love to feature some of your work on my blog - I'm a big fan. If you are interested, please e-mail me: Cat [at] BudgetBlonde [dot] com - I tried to find yalls e-mail through here but couldnt locate it! Hope to hear from you!