Monday, July 11, 2011

Hiding Imperfections...

Picture this...  You're walking around Salvation Army with hundreds (okay maybe not hundreds) of other people during their special "Half Off Furniture Sale."  Your eyes are wide and your mouth hangs open with excitement.  You suddenly realize that you are salivating over EVERYTHING (They should call it the "Salivation" Army)!  As you wipe the drool from your chin, your impulses take over and you grab tags as fast as you can grab them.  That is how I acquired this beauty...

Through all of the excitement I didn't REALLY inspect the piece until after I had swiped the credit card and loaded it into the truck.  It was then that I noticed a few minor problems that I would have to tackle.  The top looked like someone used it as a cutting board for years, and it was going to be harder to replace the knobs than I originally thought. 

I wood-filled the top and scrubbed the piece from top to bottom.  I didn't like the look of the middle drawers, so I decided to cover them with paintable wallpaper.  This would fix two problems.  1) It would give a more modern look to the piece and 2) It would allow me to drill new holes for the knobs so I could use two instead of three.

I used 3M Hi-Strength Adhesive on the drawers and on the back of the wallpaper to make sure it would NEVER come off of the piece.

Then I painted all of the areas that I knew I would distress light blue so that the blue shined through instead of the dark wood.

I painted the whole thing a bluish-gray color, distressed the edges, changed the knobs, put a layer of polycrylic on top, and
(Drum Roll, Please....)

Here is the glamorous after...

We put this one in The Sleepy Poet on Sunday morning and it was gone by Sunday evening!  I was a little sad to see it go, but very inspired to do another one like this in the future!  More of our weekend projects will be added throughout the week, so keep checking back!


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  1. Hi Sarah, I'm over from Inside-Out Design. I love the tip about the paintable wallpaper. It's beautiful!

  2. Thank you, Shannon! I'm glad you liked it! Did you see today's post where we also used paintable wallpaper??? It's so easy and it makes a BIG difference! Thanks so much for checking us out!

  3. The paintable wallpaper was a nice touch! Looks good!

  4. fabulous transformation. you did such a wonderful job!!

  5. Great transformation! Nice to learn about the extra strength adhesive too!

    I'd love for you to link your project up at my linky party happening now!
    Creatively Living

  6. Just amazing! I just started up-cycling and have just salivated over all of your finds and their beautiful transformations! Where do you find paintable wallpaper? It really is a wonderful product. Thanks for the inspiration! Karen

    1. Hey, Karen! Thank you for following! It truly is a humbling experience receiving all of this positive feedback! We buy our paintable wallpaper at Lowe's Home Improvement (we just found out yesterday that Home Depot doesn't carry wallpaper). If you know of another place, please share!!!!