Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Farm Table

Hello everyone!  Mr. Dump here...

I hope everyone had a fantastic Fourth of July!  Sarah is at it again, junkin' in Washington D.C., so I decided to pick up the slack and show you our most recent project.

Sarah and I love going to auctions.  Not only can we find great deals, but we love the competition with other "junkers".  At our most recent auction in Waxhaw (near Cane Creek), we found this farm table.  It was sitting in an out building that was extremely dark and dingy.

Little did we know, this thing was covered in motor oil!  I try to be positive on many things in life, but on this table, I was ready to add it to our "Re-Dumped" page on the website.  Sarah on the other hand, was very optimistic and thought that we could salvage this thing.  We went to Lowe's and found some chemical that not only will take oil out of wood, but will take skin off of bones as well.

Here I am trying not to die from chemical poisoning.

After scrubbing for hours, we were able to expose some of the original wood.  We turned the table over and hand-painted the legs with Kilz (my favorite cover-up EVER) and then painted over top with a bluish-green paint that Laura gave us years ago.  Add some heavy sanding and here's what you got:

Lastly, we turned the table back over and used a dark stain and polyurethane.  The end result...a farm-tastic table that any family would love to have breakfast on!

Happy Junkin'! 

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