Friday, July 8, 2011

This is bad... I mean REALLY BAD!!!

Take a look at this picture...

Can you find something that doesn't seem quite right?  This is a little game of Where's Waldo meets Dumped and Discovered. 

What do you mean you can't find Waldo??

He's in there...
Keep looking...
A little to the left...
No, go to the right...
Well you can't find him in our garage because there's way too much STUFF in the way!!!  (That was a little corny, but I used to love those Where's Waldo pictures when I was a kid). 

I think that I have a problem... I seem to be finding TONS of (shall we call them projects?!?!), but I can't find the time to actually turn them into wonderful treasures!  I have officially placed myself on "Thrifting Probation."  I have sworn to Mr. Dump that I will not walk into another thrift store, or go to any yard sales (this kills me!) until I have created space in our garage (and in my Mom's garage, and in my sister's house, and in my in-laws' house... Man, I have stuff EVERYWHERE!!!)
I guess you can see that I made it back from D.C. (the second trip in a couple of weeks) and I am ready to turn some of these projects into treasures!  Thanks to Mr. Dump for keeping up with the Blog while I was gone... (Really?!?!  One post?!?!!? That's it?!?!)  Anyway, here is a sneak peek at what I am hoping to work on this weekend:
Any suggestions for what I should do with this cute tea cart?

This one needs a little work, but I think that it will be adorable when I am finished!  What color would you like to see?
The rest of my projects are hidden...  You'll have to wait to be surprised!!  Thanks so much for reading!  Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


  1. I can tell you what's wrong with that picture! How about the fact that our cars are outside getting peppered with hail and tornadoes, while this almost "throwawayable" furniture is protected from the elements!!! Sheeeesh!


    Mr. Dump

  2. loving everything....Tea Cart is a great find...If you cannot decide what to do with it, I can find a place for it here...

  3. You guys are awesome! I can't wait to see pictures of the gray dresser you were telling us about!!!