Sunday, April 8, 2012


Spring Break Work is over.  Turns out you can work just as hard during Spring Break as you do during the days school is in session!  My sister and I employed the newly-minted "Grab It and Paint It" method of furniture renovation this week, and, boy, was there ever some paint slingin' goin' on!  We each had a sprayer and we did not waste any time.  Instead of deliberating on each piece of furniture and having endless discussions about what color/finish/detailing would be optimal for each one, we just went for it.  And it was successful!  We painted 30, yes 30, pieces of furniture, and countless accessories between Sunday and Thursday.  Most days, we were painting by 8:30 a.m. (much earlier than my sister wanted to start) and Mr. Dump had to drag us inside for dinner every night at 7 p.m.)  We barely took lunch breaks and didn't watch one minute of trashy daytime television - if you had told me a couple of years ago that I would work this hard on my breaks, I would have said you were crazy!  On Friday, we spent most of the day pricing and moving the newly finished pieces to The Sleepy Poet, and we shopped to fill the almost-empty garage on Saturday and Sunday.  We're exhausted!

Cheering us on through these marathon days was our unofficial mascot - a giant painting of Hank Williams, Jr. that we found in the garage.  Turns out, when you shove a garage full of stuff and forget completely what is in there for six months or so, Hank shows up!  (This is not an endorsement of Hank or his music - he was a freebie during a furniture swap.)  Don't judge us!

The word of the week was "funky" (as in, "Should we paint this gray or be funky?"  "Definitely funky!!") and we chose some wild colors!  It's Spring at last for Dumped and Discovered!  Take a look at all the turquoise, green, and "raspberry" going on in my "Warehouse" below!

Yes, that is the dining room that we slaved over a few weeks ago, now remodeled again into a storage facility for the prettiest furniture you've ever seen, if I do say so myself.  We took THREE carloads of stuff to the Poet (one of the "cars" is a truck, another is an SUV and the third is my sister's magical Honda that holds more than the other two combined, she swears).  All of the furniture in the Warehouse is awaiting its trip to the Poet, and this is the first time I've been this far ahead since we started this endeavor.  I'm loving it!

Here's a picture of the goodies that made the trip to the Poet this week - you'll be hearing more about individual pieces as soon as I get some energy to tell you about them!  For now, we're heading to bed at 9:30 p.m. for the seventh night in a row.  We were party animals this Spring Break!

Happy Junkin'!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Spring Break!

Here we go!  Laura is in town and we are on a painting frenzy!  We spent our first day together yard sale shopping (in the rain) and ended up with these treasures:

Total Spent:  $146.50 

Side Note:  If you call it a "Multi-Family Yard Sale" this implies that there are multiple families involved in selling their treasures - NOT that there are multiple family members living in the same household.  MEGA DISAPPOINTMENT!  (although they did have some pretty nice rims that we considered for Laura's car...)

Yesterday we painted two end tables, a coffee table, two mirrors and a few odds 'n ends!  

Now I'm watching Laura pop Advil like it's candy and then we're ready for Round Two!  Lots of "Before and Afters" coming soon!

Happy Junkin'!