Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Chalkboard Cabinets

I am a sucker for cabinets.  Particularly cabinet doors.  This all started with my very first chalkboard cabinet project (click here!) and now I just can't get enough.  This project is cheap, easy and the end result is not only adorable but very functional as well.  I bought these babies at a salvage yard.  They had LOTS of cabinet doors, but I left the store with only four (I could picture Mr. Dump opening the garage door to remind me of all of the loot in there if I had brought home any more than that.  I'm trying to sneak more stuff in when he's not looking!). 

 I primed all four cabinet doors with a latex primer.

For variety, I painted two of them turquoise and two of them green.  (I would have picked more colors, but I spent my entire day cleaning out the spray gun!)  For my future chalkboard projects (Oh, YES, Mr. Dump... There will be more!) I will prime them, leave them in my garage and pull them out as I'm painting other pieces.  This will be much easier and much more efficient!

Then I took my sander (I recommend using a 60 grit sandpaper) and I sanded most of the blue and green off to give it a distressed look.

Mr. Dump helped me paint the chalkboard paint inside the lines (I was never very good at that!).  Plus he LOVES helping after a long day of work!

I hung a picture hanger on the back of each one, and now they are ready for a new home (or maybe my home...)! 

Next time I will probably hang knobs on the chalkboards to make them unique and extra special.  Hobby Lobby didn't have them on sale this week (isn't everything ALWAYS on sale at Hobby Lobby???  I'm still a little bummed about this!)  In the end, I liked the simplicity of them (I'm really just trying to make myself feel better about the knob situation...).  Does anyone else know where to find cool (and cheap) knobs??

Happy Junkin'!



  1. Wow, how did you come to think of this, absolutely superduper great idea! I love what you did to this doors!

  2. Love them, great colors and great idea!

  3. Excellent job, Mrs. Stressed!! They look great - and you know your big sister has glass knobs out the wazoo! Just say the word! I'll make you a good deal....

  4. I am going to need a few (or several) of these gorgeous gems in our house. What a great idea and they look beautiful! (Knobs or not!)

  5. At anthropology they have tons of pretty unique knobs, but they are not cheap. Sometime you can find them clearenced though and then they are a great deal. Good luck.


  6. Too cute! I love blue and green. Oh so clever!

  7. I've been thinking about doing this. Thanks for pushing me.

  8. Oh, you have me thinking. I have been wanting to redo my kitchen cabinets, but was having a hard time deciding if I wanted to go light or dark. Now I am thinking I will do white cabinets, but paint the inset part with chalkboard paint. How fun will it be to label the outside of the doors with contents in chalk. This should work well with my black appliances. I think I will even be able to keep the cherry ceiling fan I love.

  9. I have found some great knobs on etsy! Always handmade, unique, and SUPER CUTE!

  10. Check out your local Habitat for Humanity "ReStore" they often have cool, funky, knobs... Or, check out your smartphone (if you have one)- if I search for Hobby Lobby on my Iphone a mobile coupon comes up!