Monday, August 1, 2011

From Rust to Rustically Fabulous

I found this table at a cute antique store in Churchville, Virginia.  It was sitting outside and appeared to be totally ignored and unloved.  As you can see, it was in terrible shape and needed quite a bit of attention.  The whole thing was metal (minus the enamel top).  Paint was chipping and rust was growing at an alarming rate.  I completed another enamel table not too long ago (Everything's Better Red), and I wanted to see what I could do with this one! 

When I flipped it upside down, I noticed that it had an unusual marking underneath...

I sanded the entire piece and covered it with Kilz.

I decided to use spray paint instead of my normal spray gun method.  I thought that it would stick to the metal more effectively and I was trying to make less of a mess (in hopes that we would have a second showing on our house!).  I forgot to take a lot of "during" pictures because the heat was clouding my brain.  When I brought the piece inside, I noticed how awful the drawer was!  It was also made out of metal and was rusty and peeling like the rest of the piece.  I used paintable wallpaper to match the outside and cover some of the imperfections.

Here is the FABULOUS "after" 

Other fun things that happened today...  I was featured on Better After!  I have met so many great bloggers this summer, and I am enjoying reading about all of the wonderful transformations that are happening in other homes!  Also, thanks to all of my wonderful followers out there!  I am up to 49!!  I look forward to sharing many more projects with you this week!

Happy Junkin'!



  1. That is so gorgeous! I think this is one of my favorite pieces of yours so far! Are you taking it to the Sleepy Poet today?

  2. Awesome shade of blue. This would also make a great desk for a small corner office area. Great job.

  3. Very creative. Don't you just love breathing life back into relics.

  4. You did a great job transforming the desk, well done! Thanks for stopping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and adding your link.