Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tile Mirror Project

How many times have you seen something on HGTV, in a magazine, or on someone else's blog and thought, "That looks easy... I think I can handle it."?   This happens to us ALL THE TIME!  This entry highlights a project that we saw a while back in a "Lowe's Creative Ideas" magazine. 


The magazine was very helpful, but there were some things that we guessed on.  All-in-all we found the project to be quite simple.

Step 1: Sand your plywood!


Step 2: Kilz your plywood - You could also use a latex paint to match your walls!


Step 3: Cut each mosaic sheet of tile in half to form two 6 x 12-inch mosaic strips.

Cut Tile

Step 4: Place the mirror tile in the middle of the plywood.

Mirror Middle

Step 5: Place the mosaic strips around the mirror (just to make sure they fit and to see how lovely the finished product will look!).

Tile Around Mirror

Step 6: Carefully remove the mirror tile.

Mirrorless Tile

Step 7: Put Mirror Mastic on the back of the mirror tile and place the mirror back in the middle of the mosaic tiles.

Step 8: Put something heavy on the mirror and then put tile adhesive on the plywood for each mosaic strip you have.

Tile Adhesive

Step 9: Gawk at your new mirror (or mirrors)!!!

Finished Mirrors

Tips and Hints: Don't be afraid to put added adhesive near the edges (you can wipe the excess off). Fold the 12 inch sheet of mosaic tile in half and measure it to ensure that it is exactly 6 inches. Learn to use a caulk gun before it's too late.  Next time we'll probably add the mirror last to make sure we don't get any adhesive on the edges. Give your mirrors at least 24 hours before handling after you use your adhesives...

Today's Projects:
 I'm going to strip this one down and change the color (What were we thinking with the flamingo pink?!?).

 It looks like Fido got a hold of this one!!  It needs loads of wood filler and a lot of love!

Check back soon to see our progress!  Have a lovely day!



  1. The paint and varnish remover should also indicate that it works well on plastic "Solo" cups. Have you fixed our countertop yet?

    Love you,

  2. It wasn't THAT bad!! It cleaned right up with a little soap and water!

  3. Oh, I love it when the Dumps have little tiffs over their blog! Listen, lady, you better not ruin that countertop after I spent my vacation painting your kitchen that gorgeous green!

    Can't wait to see the results of your projects today!! (This is Lola - not sure what is up with your comment feature, but it doesn't like me.)