Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Smurf Table

This coffee table was in fairly good condition, but it needed a little Dumped and Discovered touch to help release its true inner (maybe outer) beauty!

I really liked the natural wood that was trying to surface (notice the bald spot above), so I sanded the top until the bare wood was unleashed.

I taped around the edges, flipped the table upside down, and painted the legs a Smurf blue (I miss the days when I could watch them on Saturday mornings!).  Okay... not really, but the movie looks like it could bring back memories.  Does anyone else think it's weird that Doogie Howser and the Smurfs are teaming up? 

Okay... back to the table...  Finally it was time to stain the top.  I chose a dark walnut stain and slathered it on Gargamel style (Seriously, enough with the Smurf references!).

I decided to use a wipe-on poly instead of the typical polycrylic that I've been using because I didn't want to see brush strokes on the top.  It was actually very easy to use and I really liked the result!

I forgot to take a picture of the final "staged" piece before we took it to the Sleepy Poet... I'm sorry!  I guess I'll just leave you with something else to look at...

Happy Smurfin' I mean Junkin'!



  1. Lovely! I really like the smurf blue :)

  2. I love the stained top! So, so glad to see the coffee table that sat in my "storage room," aka "my living room," for so long is finally getting the love it deserves! I'll bet it's gone in no time to a Smurf-loving family!

  3. Lola...the smurf table has already sold!!!!

  4. WHOA! Please tell me Mrs. Stressed is painting up another coffee table to replace it! You know I love to buy coffee tables!!!

  5. I think she plans on putting our coffee table in the booth...our house is slowly becoming empty (which I guess is not so bad if we're trying to move...)!!

  6. I don't even remember what your coffee table is at this point! I do know that there are a couple more in your garage that are begging to be redone.... :) And I can always pick up some more - I know how you love coffee tables!

    At what point does it make more sense to just email each other? :)

  7. I almost bought this at Sleepy Poets but I bought the other one instead. It sit beautifully between 2 reupholstered wing backed chairs. Can I send you a picture of it in it's new home? I am shopping for a dresser/ chest of drawers and bed side table. working on anything?
    jennifer@ pinkskyatnight.com

  8. Supper cute! I love the look of the wood!

  9. Different shades of blue are starting to be my new best friend. This is a great smurf blue! Great two tone as well with the walnut. Great job.

  10. Love the blue. Love the two toned attitude.