Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bold and the Beautiful...

I found these beauties at a thrift store in Staunton, Virginia for $8.00 each!!  I had no idea what I would do with them, but they were such a great deal that I HAD to have them!  They had really interesting character, and I knew that they would end up looking great.

The top was in pretty bad shape so I sanded for a very long time.  I tried to get it down to the original wood, but gave up pretty quickly (it was at least one hundred degrees and I was sweating all over the end tables!).  The top still felt a little chippy, so I painted a thin layer of Kilz on top to seal it and hide the imperfections.  I didn't Kilz the entire piece because that makes it almost impossible to distress!

I knew that I wanted to do something a little funky with these, but I didn't really know what that would be.  I decided to go for it, and see what happened along the way (I love doing that!).  I had some leftover spray paint from a project long ago, so I decided to use it up.  However, I usually use my paint sprayer because I have more control over the paint and it goes on more consistently.  I spray painted the drawers (thinking that I would just spray the parts that I wanted to distress) but in the end I actually liked what the drawers looked like!

I also spray painted the end tables in all of the areas that I wanted to distress (so the blue would shine through).

For the final coats, I pulled out my handy-dandy paint sprayer.  Since the drawers and distressing were so bold (and lovely!) I decided to go with a soft white.

I sprayed the knobs, distressed the edges, and put a layer of polycrylic on top.  Now they are funky, bold and oh-so-beautiful!


  1. They look fabulous! You are so risky! Can't wait to see what you do for your next installment of "The Bold and the Beautiful," but, of course, would also like to see how you are spending the "Days of Our Lives" out in the heat, painting away! You are amazing!

  2. Oh, Lola... You are too funny! I just got home and turned "Days" on to catch the last 5 minutes... I think that the same story line from 1999 is going on! Oh how I've missed Jack and Jennifer!

  3. Again...You have outdone yourself with yet another unique idea...Always wondering what is next

  4. Thank you so much!! I LOVE your new website!!! I can't wait until it is finished! Tell that son of yours to hurry up! :-)

  5. These look so lovely. And what a great deal you got on them, too.

  6. cute! love the color combo!!

  7. EIGHT DOLLARS EACH!? WOW!! Fabulous transformation!!

  8. oh my goodness they look so cute the color is amaazing

  9. Very cute! Spied these near the no-drawer dresser in white/turqu and wondered if it was yours and it was...Neato!

    Visiting from Coastal Charm: Nifty Thrifty Tues Linky party!

    Thanks for sharing :D
    Smiles, Suzanne at WhyCuzICan