Monday, August 8, 2011

Digging into the D and D Vault - Part 4

I'm a little freaked out...  Actually A LOT freaked out.  After traveling to visit with family in Baltimore, I discovered that people are actually reading this blog!  I was completely overwhelmed with the compliments and feedback that I received from EVERYONE!  It was beyond amazing, and it made me feel really good that people are enjoying reading about this crazy obsession hobby of mine.  We had such a wonderful visit and it made me excited to come home, complete some of my projects, and share them with the world!  My sister will be in town this week, (apparently her car is FULL of stuff) and we will be painting like crazy!  Before I show you some of those projects, I have a few more to show you from long ago.

I bought this china cabinet at The Salvation Army.  It was dark and had lots of awkward metal accents.

We cleaned it up and sanded some of the rough edges.  Then we painted the piece antique white and distressed all of the wonderful details.  I spray painted the hinges and pulls to give them a more modern look.  After putting the whole thing back together, this is what we ended up with:

I have one more week before I head back to school (sniffle... sniffle...), so I'm going to be working nonstop to get ahead on some of my fabulous finds!  Thanks so much to everyone that is reading about my projects, and thanks again to my Baltimore friends and family for such a wonderful weekend!

Happy Junkin'!



  1. Hey Sarah! I am so excited I found your blog and got to see some of the transformations of your pieces!!! This is just the BEST! I am so glad you shared this with me last night. Keep going!!!!

    Suzie :-)

  2. I so envy your abilities!!!! It looks super again!

  3. lots of great transformations over here! i love your red table and your blue dresser, and that little bombe chest the most- gorgeous pieces!

  4. It looks wonderful. The hinges are a nice contrast.