Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Digging into the D and D Vault - Part 5

Well, I'm digging into the vault for one more post.  The final piece that I want to share with you from long ago is lovingly known as "The Beast."  This was a piece that we inherited from Mr. Dump's family, and it is one that we never thought that we would be able to part with.  
We loved the beautiful inserts on the glass doors, and the piece was in fairly good condition.  There were a few scratches and minor dings on the top, but overall it didn't need a ton of work... Or so we thought...

We painted the piece antique white and the stain started bleeding through the paint.  This was early in our painting career, so we thought that another coat would cover it up... WRONG!  We ended up having to Kilz the whole piece to keep brown spots from shining through.  We put what seemed like twelve more coats of antique white over the Kilz (hence the nickname) and it turned out to be one of our favorite pieces.  We sold it at The Sleepy Poet and we are still bummed that it is not sitting in our house.

I can't wait to show you what my sister and I have been working on this week!  Brand new pieces are coming soon!!!

Happy Junkin'!



  1. Great job! This looks really nice.

  2. I soooooooooooooooo love this piece..I wonder how long it took you to complete??...Nice job!!