Thursday, August 4, 2011

Digging into the D and D Vault - Part 2

Day two of the "Vault Digging" series brings us to one of my hardest (but most rewarding) transformations.  I bought the desk pictured below for $15.00 at a store in Staunton, Virginia.  Before I show you the glamorous "after" picture, I have to describe this store for you.  While visiting family in Virginia, this is the ONE store that my sister and I HAVE to visit while we're there.  It is located down an alley in the center of town.  The store owner, Old Man Withers (not the masked man in Scooby Doo or the haunted amusement park owner in Wayne's World) sits outside his shop waiting... Waiting for his next victim... Waiting to make a great deal... Waiting to have someone to talk to...  As soon as you enter the smelly basement, he follows you around to give you the "pretty girl discount."  I'm pretty sure everyone gets the pretty girl discount...  My mom is really freaked out by Old Man Withers, and my sister and I go there just to drive her crazy!  If you can get past the hugs and occasional forehead kisses (I'm not kidding!) you can find some really great deals!  Okay... Back to the desk...

The desk was VERY sturdy, but it needed the years of wear and tear to be stripped off.  We spent DAYS sanding this piece down to it's original wood.  When I brought it home, I stained it and added cute knobs.  Now it is in our home office and looks much better than it did in Old Man Withers' smelly basement.

Staining furniture is not one of my favorite things in the world, but when the end result looks this good, it's worth all of the hard work!  Get ready for more transformations soon!

Happy Junkin'!



  1. I can't believe you told the world about Old Man Withers!! I thought that was our dirty little secret! This desk was a pain in the arse, but so worth it. If you move, I get it, right???

  2. Hi! I have a desk from my teenage years that looks very similar to the "before" pictures here. It comes complete with my scratchings of my initials and those of former crushes encased by a heart. I have never refinished a piece of furniture before, do you think this desk is a good starting point? How do you know when you've sanded enough?

    Thanks so much!

  3. Okay, so what kind of bribe would you take to give up the location of Old Man Withers???? :D My family and I are taking a road trip to Staunton on Friday and I would sooooo love to check out his smelly old basement!