Monday, June 25, 2012


(In your best Monster Truck Voice...) Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Most of our Sundays are spent relaxing at home, shopping casually, or painting a little because we're behind.  This Sunday, however, we decided to try something new...


Being that most auctions happen on Saturday, we were SUPER surprised to see that an auction was happening only an hour and a half away.  We may have a slight auction addiction to drive an hour and a half away...but TRUST was TOTALLY worth it!  

The auction started at 1:00 p.m and was in a small sauna warehouse that was located in Salisbury, NC.  The second we walked in, we were surprised to see that DON was there.  If you're not sure about who Don is, check out our recent post: Don's Window Box.  I'm a little obsessed with Don, and I desperately wanted to get his autograph.  Mr. Dump told me to play it cool and stop drooling.

Here he is reading calmly before the auction begins...

As the awe of seeing Don began to wear off, we noticed that many other dealers were walking around as well.  Even though we've only just started in this business, we felt like we were rolling with the big dogs.  Have we found the mother load????

They decided to auction the room of furniture first.  We were lucky enough to stand behind Don, and watch him win EVERY piece of furniture that was auctioned off.  Seriously!!!!!  Have you seen the buildings and tractor trailers???  You have enough, Don!  Leave some for the little people.

Here's Don bidding...on everything...

Here's Don's trailer after he finished with the furniture room...(this was empty when he started)

Here's our trailer after the furniture room...(okay, it's not really a trailer, it's a 4Runner)... PATHETIC!

So after the furniture room was auctioned off, Don decided to take his place back on the couch (that he bought of course).  He let his posse handle the "chotchky" room (see the six pictures at the beginning of the post).  

FOUR AND A HALF smelly, sweaty hours later, we added some of these items to our collection...(not pictured are five boxes of bottles, two boxes of Ball jars, three knock-off candy jars, an old lantern, and an antique wooden washboard).

All-in-all, it was another great day (even though it was a little intimidating to play with the Big Boys!).

Our title tells one of our other obsessions... Storage Wars!!!  Has anyone ever bought a storage unit?  We are fascinated by the idea but too scared to pull the trigger!  

Happy Junkin'!



  1. I have an auction house with weekly auctions five minutes from my house but it starts at 7:00 a.m.! Way too early for this girl. But I really do want to check it out one of these days. I watch those storage war shows but have never been to one of those auctions. Wouldn't mind giving that a try.

  2. OH MY LORD! You saw Don and didn't tackle him???? I thought you were going to try to get into his will! What happened to that plan, little sister? Now you know how he got all of his stuff - congrats for getting into the BIG LEAGUES!

  3. YUP! We watch Storage Wars and are equally as tempted to try it! Love your blog!!

  4. I am a fellow sleepy poet vendor and junk addict! I laughed out load to the point that my husband said, are you talking on the phone???? I visit "DON"S" on a monthly basis and always wondered where he gets his stuff. Thank you for solving a bit of the mystery for me. I find good stuff there but the fact that NOTHING has a price and if you happen to go while DON and his posse is unloading a truck you will either leave or wait in the hot sun for 20+ minutes until he is finished with no apologies. This happened to me last week right before I was going to pay he disappeared. It's not for everyone but you can find some good stuff. I hope to try an auction soon but i also find it intimidating.

  5. I love Storage Wars too. I also love a good auction and often drive 1.5 hours. Two weekends straight, I drove to Covington, VA from Roanoke to auctions. There's always one person that bids/buys everything at each auction it seems. If you want to buy a storage unit, go to a number of the sales in your area first and just see how it goes so you can learn what to buy and what to stay away from. Sounds like you got some good finds in Salisbury. And way to hit it up with the big dogs LOL