Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dump Day: Window Obsession

 Dump-Day with Mr. Dump

Hello, Friends.  Welcome to another installment of Dump-Day with Mr. Dump! 

Mrs. Dump has a slight obsession with windows.  It doesn't matter where we're shopping, what we're bidding on, or how much the price is...Mrs. Dump is going to own something with glass and a frame.  Case in point:  See below...

This window was purchased at Metrolina Expo, during Antique Week last spring.  Mrs. Dump decided to "man up" and pay a whopping $5.00 (no...we didn't haggle)!

Most "Dump-days"  feature a project that I worked on.  Unfortunately, due to some small time restraints, Mrs. Dump gets the credit for this one.  After her recent Waterfall Vanity was finished, Sarah had some leftover paint.  Finally, she decided to makeover this window!

All that was needed was ONE coat of paint, some Windex, and little sandpaper...

Now it's ready for a great home!  Get ready Sleepy Poet shoppers, this will be in the booth for your purchasing pleasure Friday morning!

Happy Dump-day (and Junkin')!

Mr. Dump


  1. You guys are cute! Love that blue colour :-)

  2. Gorgeous color! You're speaking my language with that turquoise, you know. I love it! Keep up the projects!

  3. Discovered your blog today and I've enjoyed looking at all the projects ya'll have done. I've need a tissue or two to wipe the drool a few times too!

    I happen to share Mrs. Dumps love of old windows too...can never pass them up!