Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dump Day: Don's Window Box

Dump-Day with Mr. Dump

Hello, Friends.  Welcome to another installment of Dump-Day with Mr. Dump!  For our newest D and D followers, Dump-Day gives me, Mr. Dump, an opportunity to share a different perspective on this crazy hobby that my wife and I enjoy.

So let me tell you about a place that Sarah and I like to visit:

It's a place where hubcaps go to die...

A place where junk piles are never-ending...

A place with buildings upon buildings, full of J-U-N-K!!!!

Where radioactive trucks are something to laugh about...

We call this place Don's (revealing the real identity of this place would create competition and therefore is not allowed).  Don's consists of about ten to twenty acres that are dedicated to one man's junking habits!  There IS a method to his placement of product, but Sarah and I have yet to figure it out.  All we know is that you have to wear long pants, boots, (next time we will wear gloves) and sometimes a hard hat.  Be sure, too, that your tetanus shots are up-to-date.

Cline's Antiques... I mean.... Don's is so vast, that you can't carry around all the goodies you find.  You have to put your merchandise in a pile (notice the gray coat and sunglasses claiming our turf!).  

The more merchandise you have, the cheaper Don's prices tend to go.  Fair warning:  Don doesn't haggle.  He gives you the rock-bottom price!!!!  If you don't like it, he'll tell you to move on!  Below is the start of our pile from our most recent trip...


We consider this a small load!!!!


We found this window box at Don's!  It was already blue...which means NO PAINTING!!!!  The top window was broken, so we decided to use some old materials to fill the void.

Chicken wire and Windex (what a great country song title) is all this needed!

Where else do you enjoy junkin'?  We've shared our secret place, and we'd love it if you shared yours!

Now if we could only think of something cool to do with old hubcaps...

Happy Junkin'!!!!

Mr. Dump


  1. Mr. Dump... I love Sarah's Blog (well I guess it's sorta yours too... What a cool crafty creative wife you have! YES I do have a suggestion for a cool place for junkers! Yall would LOVE the Chesnee Flea Market. It's in SC, but not too terribly far. I will have to give you road by road directions if you want to venture out. This is an old fashioned flea market ...lots of vintage goodness without the overload of tube socks, expired Foot Loops, and Hong Kong plastic crap. Mostly old time farmers. Its only open on Mondays and Thursdays...weird, I know, but doesn't waste a valuable Saturday of yard and estate sales! My mom and I are also furniture rescuers and have a blast filling our booths (B&B Antiques in Gastonia NC... come visit!!!). We also sell at the Metrolina Expo in Charlotte. PS We always check out your booth when we visit The Sleepy Poet for inspiration! Halie

  2. I can't believe you gave up our favorite spot!!!

  3. Q:How do I know we would all be friends?
    A: I was getting all excited and a little jealous (see, I'm totally honest) seeing the lovely place you have to pick from!
    I've often thought we dump divers need to share stomping grounds with others of the same ilk so we can have a taste of new pickings. You can come to Maine and check out my haunts and I can come to your neck of the woods...
    Summer camp for junkers...let's start a show :-)

  4. I want to come with you and document, I mean dumpument your escapades.


  5. Chicken wire and windex! Love it, would make a great blog title too.

  6. I've discovered a "spot" of my own...and it's awesome! I love the window box. My dude has TONS (literally, I'm not joking here) of old windows, shutters, doors, gates, you name it. It's vintage building materials galore. With the occasional random furniture piece thrown in to keep ya guessing.

    Its community pick-up week in a hoity-toity neighborhood - gotta get some beauty sleep so i can be out early sifting those piles!