Monday, October 8, 2012

Denny - The Man, The Hutch

Cue the music from Sanford and Son.......


Dumped and Discovered is BACK!  We spent a very lovely weekend cleaning items/painting treasures/throwing out our backs, and we loved every minute of it.  Yes, Lola/Laura was in town, bossing us around. Can you tell? :)

Anyway, on to the featured item.  We found this beautiful art deco piece at a barn sale in DC.  When I say barn sale, I really mean BARN SALE.  I mean, there was a dirt road involved.  And we didn't find this piece in the front.  No, siree.  We climbed BEHIND the front row of junk treasures and carefully avoided the huge hole in the floor (yes, we were warned not to go back there, but we are nothing if not rule breakers).  In fact, this piece is named for the man who explicitly asked us NOT to climb back there - Denny.  Ah, Denny and his glorious muffintop.  Said with love, of course.  We adore Denny the man, especially when he gave us Denny the hutch for $50!!!  

Are some of you questioning our sanity right now?  Fair enough.  We may have questioned it ourselves a few times along this journey, particularly when loading and unloading this beast!  But she was worth the work, as you can see below.  Mr. Dump went after her with his FANCY new sprayer and some great gray paint.  For all you wood purists out there, please take my word that Denny needed a little paint on the barn, if you know what I mean.  Shout out to my girl Honey Boo Boo!

For those of you actually reading the words and not just looking at the pretty pictures, we asked Mr. Dump very sweetly to cut a new back for Denny and we loved the original hardware so much that we kept it.  Thankfully, the gorgeous mirror on top remained intact in the trip from DC to Charlotte, so all we had to do was clean that up.  We think she's a beauty!

Here she is in the booth, which has some other finds from our recent junk hunts.  We hope someone takes her home and lets her live in a place with solid flooring.  And no mice.  We will not speak of the mice again.

As an added bonus, here's a lovely cabinet found at an estate sale in DC.  Lola had the turquoise sprayer going, and I didn't want to risk getting a blue camera out of the deal, so I didn't get a before picture.  Sorry, but you've never seen how reckless she is with that thing (we only let her work on the small pieces.  Sad, but true.)

We made some great progress this weekend, so more projects will be shared in the weeks ahead!  I'm going to try to post at least one project a week, so thanks for hanging in there until Summer Sarah returns!

Happy junkin'!


PS Anyone want to buy some well-loved but HUGE plants?  We have to evict some from the house, and thought our lovely readers might want the first shot at them.  Seriously, these things are huge, but really healthy and great listeners when there's no one else in the house.  Here they are, all lined up and waiting for their new homes!


  1. I looove that hutch you guys found! I can't believe it was only fifty bucks! I love what you did with it too. I'll bet that one will get snatched up quick. Along with all your pretty plants- wish I lived in the area; I'd come give one of them a new home. :)

  2. That hutch is such a great find!

  3. Gosh - wish I lived near you - I would so snag those plants. Love the hutch, too!

  4. Yay for Denny, the man AND the hutch! I have a feeling we'll be visiting Denny and his barn again, so I hope he's not offended by your muffintop comment! Gorgeous hutch, and I'm not just saying that because I pretended to help move her around this weekend. Great job, and I'm not offended at all that you only let me work on the small stuff..... :)

  5. What a great hutch and love the little turquoise cabinet!

  6. Sarah,
    What an awesome deal you got on this china how you found it. Thanks for sharing at my party today, but please remember to list my bolg or party name (with a link back to my blog) on your post...thanks:)


  7. We just found your blog and love it so much! We're local, too. Hope you will stop by one of our stores so we can say hello!

  8. You purchased a new sprayer? What kind, if you don't mind my asking? We are thinking that spray painting our kitchen cabinets would be much better than brush or roller painting. We might possibly be using oil based paint, as that is much more durable than latex in a kitchen, and we've used it before on cabinets and love the finish (no chips or flakes on down the line). Any thoughts? Suggestions? Sprayer yes or no? Love your site and began following it a few months back.