Sunday, September 23, 2012

Good Grief!

Let me tell you, you are some patient people.  Sarah hasn't written since July 25th (!!!), and yet you continue to faithfully check her blog, hoping for more lovely transformations of furniture.  In fact, there are now 500 of you following her!!!  That's incredible!!!!  Heck, I'm her SISTER and I've just about given up on her.  You guys are incredible.

So where, you might ask, is Ms. Sarah?  Contrary to popular belief, she did not get trapped under a large piece of furniture.  And she did not get a big head when she appeared in Ladies' Home Journal and leave all of her fans in the dust.  I do believe that she is, at this very moment, buried under a pile of 5th grade papers.  Turns out, when you move from teaching the 4th grade to the 5th grade, you have to re-teach yourself all of the 5th grade stuff first!  Remember that show, "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?"  It was harder than you thought it would be, right?

Since School Sarah is back in action (as opposed to Summer Sarah, who we all know and love), I'm filling in this evening, just to reassure people that she hasn't suffered some kind of heinous death at the hands of her sander. Also, because I couldn't stand to read about "Blanche" any more.  I'm "Lola," Sarah's big sister, and I serve as the furniture picker/sander/general nag of Dumped and Discovered.  Believe me, I've been nagging her to write for WEEKS now.  I promise you, she has been painting, and we have been shopping, and she WILL start to blog again soon!

In the meantime, can we ask for a favor?  I know,  I know.  It's a lot to ask, especially when there are no pictures to this posting.  But as you all know, Sarah and her fabulous husband are in the process of updating our parents' house, which involves a lot of, um, editing of stuff.  We've worked through most of the house and really, really need to have a yard sale.  The house, however, is pretty far off the beaten path, and it would be hurtful if no one showed up.  Does anyone know of a great community yard sale coming up this fall where we can rent a space (or five?)  Anywhere in the Charlotte area would be fantastic, and any chance to meet fellow Dumped and Discovered fans would be much appreciated!  We are open on dates, but we would absolutely love to get rid of the junk treasures very soon!  Let us know in the comments section if you know of a great place to peddle our wares!  To be clear, it's not really Dumped and Discovered pieces that we're selling, but rather the crap stuff that is taking up room where Dumped and Discovered treasures should be.  Let us know, and bug Sarah about blogging more, okay? 


  1. Hi, Lola! Thanks for posting! I'm doing my best to get this train back on the right track!!!! We NEED a new sprayer...desperately!!!!

  2. Crud! I forgot you are sprayer-less! If I come to paint this weekend, am I actually going to have to use a brush???? I've gotten awfully used to the speed of the sprayer!

  3. Hey Im a fellow Sleepy poet vendor. Last year they sponsored a yard sale in the parking lot. I think it was in November. Check to see if that's coming up. It was pretty awesome and would probably be perfect for what you guys want to sell.

    1. Thanks for the tip! We'll have to check for the next yard sale date!