Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BIG Changes

A couple of BIG things have happened in the last few weeks... (I'm not making excuses for not posting, but life has been pretty crazy!)

1) WE SOLD OUR HOUSE! We've had it on the market since April, and we know that we are very blessed that someone decided to make us an offer. We wanted to move for a variety of reasons. The main one being that we could paint in privacy and have a little more room for our Dumped and Discovered treasures.

2) My sister has collected so much stuff for Dumped and Discovered that she had to rent a U-Haul over Thanksgiving to bring us all of our treasures! We have since decided that she should either get a bigger car, stick to finding smaller things for Dumped and Discovered, or start her own business.

Speaking of D.C. treasures... I bought this beauty while I was visiting my sister over the summer.

Not too long ago, I did a very similar piece (see here for the original post).  I intended to use the same color because the tomato red sold very quickly at the Sleepy Poet.  However, after a little sanding, I found out that the top of the buffet wasn't solid wood. Therefore, I couldn't sand the top to it's original state for stain. I thought that the tomato red would be overwhelming on the entire piece so I decided to go with a more neutral black.

Before I painted the piece, I had to fill in some major dents and scratches by using a stainable/paintable wood filler.

I decided not to distress this one because I wouldn't have much of a contrast against the dark brown "wood."  Now it is simply stunning.  I cannot wait to make it back to the Sleepy Poet because I think that it will look even better with red and green decorations!

My boss sister has already informed me that we will be completing LOADS of projects over the break!  I have almost two weeks away from my lovely fourth graders and I cannot wait to spend time bringing new life to old furniture!

Happy junkin'!



  1. You're ALIVE! I'm so glad - I was afraid I would have to do all of those projects by myself over the Christmas break! We're going to work it, Sister. Record-breaking painting/staining going on. I can't wait!

  2. Greetings from Southern California.

    I am your Newest Follower.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! :-)

  3. It looks amazing! I was looking all over for something similar and was about to spend so much on one!

  4. That piece looks great in black, and I liked the red cabinet too.