Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Summer!

It's official! Summer is HERE! (I'm a couple days late, but this is not uncommon for me.) "Mr. Distressed" has handed the computer over and it's my turn to tell about all of the incredible things that we are transforming.

Before I begin, I have to officially introduce you to my lovely sister, Laura. She is our biggest fan (if you don't believe me, check out all of her comments) and she has devoted so much time and energy into our business. I went to D.C. last weekend to stock up on new treasures for Dumped and Discovered, and to spend time with Laura. When I got there, she had lists (she's very organized) of all of the thrift stores, yard sales and estate sales that we would be patroning.

We started our adventures bright and early in Buckeystown, Maryland at a tag/barn sale. We found really cool treasures, but they wouldn't all fit in the car!!! We had to leave a table behind and planned to pick it up later in the weekend (keep in mind that Buckeystown, MD is a solid hour away from my sister's house!). We kept junkin (for small stuff) until the stores closed at 9:00. We found so many great things that we had to drive not one, but two cars back to Buckeystown on Sunday.

We spent most of Saturday around the D.C. area. Laura was the driver and I was the holder of the GPS. I plugged addresses into "Delilah" (this is what we call our GPS - Did you know that they find locations faster if you give them an identity?!?). Our first yard sale was the home of two guys... This was our first ever "boy" yard sale - they were so cute and very overpriced! Instead of the typical $0.25 cents for a book, (by the way, Laura, why are you buying books?!?! D and D doesn't need any books!) Laura paid a whole dollar! Yikes! Although they were adorable, we didn't spend a lot of time there. No furniture and mostly "manly" toys. We drove by a few more "yard sales" (were they yard sales or just messy homes?!?) and realized that most of the advertised D.C. yard sales weren't really happening. I think they had a long night on the town and decided to sleep in.

We continued our thrifting throughout the weekend and had a BLAST! Thank you, Laura, for such an awesome time! Since we bought so many treasures, I had to leave many of the larger pieces in Laura's house (I promise I'm coming back to get them soon!).

Full Load
I have spent this week cleaning and painting many of our new pieces. I am almost finished with one of my favorite projects and I'll put that on the Blog soon!

Happy Summer and thanks so much for your continued support of Dumped and Discovered!


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